My Education on the Food World

This whole week I have done an exhaustible amount of reading on the food world and the restaurant industry – particularly focusing on my city: Washington DC. The more I learn, the more manageable this food world seems to me. I used to find it all so intimidating but I’ve come to realize that the players in this world are Straight.Up.CRAZY.

I mean that in a good way. Kinda

Food bloggers…nutsos.

Restaurant critics …. bat-shit crazy.

TV Food personalities …. loco.

Celebrity Chefs… lunatics.

How can I really be surprised though. Even the lowly front-lines of the restaurant industry (the line cooks, expos, food runners, bussers, servers and bartenders) are insane in some way or another. I guess it’s a requirement of the job.

You can’t be normal and survive in this business. (Yes, I have been reading far too much Anthony Bourdain.)

Speaking of Bourdain, I’m in the middle of reading “Medium Raw” and just finished reading the much-talked-about chapter titled “Alan Richman is a Douchebag.” So of course, I had to look up some of Richman’s articles to see how douche-baggy he really is. (Bourdain’s whole book has been like a list of people in the industry that I should take the time to know more about. So thanks, Tony!)

During my search I found Richman’s Restaurant Commandments that Bourdain mentions. #19 (Show us the Chef) was the one addressed by Bourdain. I read the entire list and even though this was published over 5 years ago, I feel the need to respond. For my own sanity. Or perhaps it is my insanity from working in this loony bin known as the restaurant industry.

So, coming soon ….  My response to Alan Richman’s Restaurant Commandments. Better late than never.


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