Dear Tom… Or My Undying love for Liquorice

I am a Washingtonian or a DC-er.

I am also exploring my new love for all things food.

Naturally I have been reading a lot of Tom Sietsema (the restaurant/food critic for the Washington Post) in order to further educate myself.

There are a number of things I have read from Tom that I would love to respond to eventually. But first thing’s first. This specific issue must be addressed immediately!

And so, my letter to Tom Sietsema…

Dear Tom,

I just watched your TV Dinner Episode 5 about your least favorite flavors. While I greatly enjoy both zucchini and green peppers, I am most concerned with your strong aversion to black liquorice.

I love it. A lot. And though I acknowledge that everyone has their different opinions of taste – I implore you to give black liquorice another chance. Please.

In your video you have a bag of Twizzlers black liquorice. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

This is not really liquorice. This (to me) is fake liquorice that tastes like… well, it tastes like plastic. Honestly now… It’s like melted chewy plastic with a very vague taste of liquorice. Real deliciously-yummy-awesome liquorice is better represented by the countries of my family ancestry – Scandinavian countries.

Scandinavian liquorice is complex, rich and salty. It comes in various forms – chewy candy,  hard candy or even covered in chocolate!

One of my favorites is Tyrkisk Peber. A liquorice hard candy with a spicy center. Yes, I said spicy. Eat your food critic heart out, Tom (oh and just ignore the ammonium chloride…… it’s amazing, I swear).

Another great option is Topas which is a chewy liquorice. Even better though, the company makes a liquor that tastes just like the candy! The liquor is comparable to Jagermeister but is somehow both sweeter and saltier. Yum.

Liquorice is difficult to love. I know this. I have excitedly offered friends a taste of my favorite liquorice candies and then had to witness them promptly spit them out. ……………..So sad.

I suppose it’s an acquired taste. Much like coffee or beer. (Both of which I love in the same obsessive and undying way as I do Scandinavian liquorice.)

My wish for you Tom, is that you open-mindly try this salty flavorful type of liquorice candy and reconsider your opinion. If you have already tried it or if when you do try it you decide to maintain your stance, so be it. More for me!

I just wanted to express my enthusiasm for salty liquorice in an attempt to show that liquorice does not have to taste like chewy plastic (sorry Twizzler and Mike & Ike, you just don’t do it for me…).

Thanks for listening.




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