My Pet Peeve or Stop Asking Me What Else I Do

I work in the restaurant industry. I am a server. I am a bartender. I am the front of house staff. I love my job.

I love food (if you couldn’t already tell). I love drinks (bartendress at your service). I love creating food memories — experiences, tastes, conversations, etc.

I’m also college educated. I have a degree in some liberal arts nonsense… Which I also love (even though I just called it nonsense) but is not necessarily my career path.

All these things together are me. Which is why I hate hate HATE it when people ask me what else I do. Or what my real job is. Or just assume that I’m still in school.

Pffft… why else would I be working in the restaurant industry? It’s just to make money, right? To move onto something “better,” yeah?

OK, the money is good. I will admit.

And for me, running around a restaurant is much more entertaining than sitting in front of a computer all day. And I get exercise from running around restaurants all day. Bam! How do you like your office job now, suckers?

I keep coming back to a part of the book “Service Included” by Phoebe Damrosch, which goes like this: “A Tip: Please do not ask us what ELSE we do. This implies that (a) we shouldn’t aspire to work in the restaurant business even if it makes us happy and financially stable, (b) that we have loads of time on our hands because ours is such an easy job, and (c) that we are not succeeding in another field. ”

Amen, sister!

I’m happy with my life. So stop asking me what else I do. I’ve gotten this from friends, family, and even guests at my restaurant! (The last one never makes sense to me… So you love me being your server/bartender…BUT you want me to go do something else so you can have some incompetent 18-year-old take my position in this restaurant???…. hmmm.)

I realize I can’t do this forever. It’s a tough job, harder than people can imagine. Both physically and mentally exhausting (yes, please be nice to your server the next time you go out to eat!). But for right now, I love what I do.

So please!!! Don’t belittle my work. Don’t ask me what else I do. I’m tired of having to justify why I do what I do.

I will repeat again: I’m happy with my life.

Can you say the same?


About kellchris

I'm an artist and art therapy student. When I'm not painting or experimenting with ceramics, I'm usually hiking, cooking, or making the big bucks bartending. View all posts by kellchris

5 responses to “My Pet Peeve or Stop Asking Me What Else I Do

  • Sara

    Okay, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I sort of wish someone would ask me what else I did! :p

    • kellchris

      It’s just the assumption that everyone who works in a restaurant IS and HAS TO BE doing something else that drives me crazy. Being a server isn’t seen as a legitimate job. Even one of my co-workers assumed I was going to grad school for Anthro once he learned that was my undergrad degree.

      I just hate feeling like I have to make excuses for why I’m not doing something else, why I’m not in school, why I’m not trying to get an Anthro-related job. Bah!

  • Ubiquitousdark

    I always respect people who are happy with their lives no matter what they do. Being different than the norm is something that deserves to be commended. So well done!


    • kellchris

      Thanks! Too many people in this world are miserable doing what they THINK they should be doing. When you stop trying to please everyone or trying to fit into what society thinks you should be doing and then ask yourself what YOU want to do, what makes YOU happy…. then you can admit to yourself where you need to be. I wish more people would do this.

  • pippy

    I loved it! I am a waiter to! People can’t stop asking me if I do something else! fuck Them all !thanks kelly!

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