Smoking Triggers

Last night I saw “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.” The movie was disturbing but excellent. But this is not meant to be a movie review.

My issue was with the fact that the main characters were smoking cigarettes. And it made me want to smoke again.

Seeing people smoke in real life isn’t that bad. But for some reason, seeing people smoking on TV or in a movie is a major trigger for me. (This is a great reason to never watch another episode of Sex in the City ever again.)

Knowing your triggers is half the battle. The other half is acknowledging the trigger when it happens, but then NOT smoking.

Here are mine (and are pretty much typical of all smokers):

Drinking coffee. I’ve officially beat this trigger. I loved coffee before I started smoking and now that I’ve stopped smoking, coffee tastes so much more amazing. I can now drink a cup of coffee without even thinking about cigarettes.

Eating. This one is still a little difficult. Smoking after you eat is very satisfying. But with my new healthy eating plans in full swing, breaking this will get easier. Vegetables do not go well with cigarettes. Greasy, fatty foods go great with cigarettes. And I’m giving up greasy/fatty/bad-for-you foods.

 Driving. Still working on it. I still get the urge to smoke especially when I’m in traffic. As I mentioned in another post, I have replaced smoking with singing…  so far I like it better. And for the sake of the rest of the world, I will try to keep my windows rolled up.

– Getting out of work. Smoking was always my reward for finish a work shift. This is a hard habit to break. Now I just sprint to my car and get on with my driving and singing.

– Insomnia. This one is stupid. Smoking does not help insomnia. In fact, it probably makes it worse. Now when I feel like I can’t sleep, I just lay there until I do. And guess what? I usually fall asleep within a few minutes. Before I would just chain smoke until 4am and pass out from exhaustion… and then wake up feeling like crap from smoking so damn much.

– Boredom. Nothing to do? Light up a cigarette! Yeah uh no. There are so many other things that I can do (like obsessively write blog posts about quitting smoking). Boredom? Nah. Just enjoy the quiet moment (all Buddha-like) and the inspiration of what you could be doing will come.

– Drinking alcohol. This is one of the worst triggers for almost every smoker. Drinking is how I got started smoking. I used to be the “Oh I only smoke when I drink” smoker. That never lasts. It always becomes smoking all the time. But like with coffee, I can now tastes the subtleties of wine that make drinking that much more enjoyable.

TV/movies with people smoking. Argh! I hate this one because I don’t understand why it hits me so hard!! Why!?! And how can I make it stop!!??



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One response to “Smoking Triggers

  • Sara

    I was watching some episodes of Sex in the City the other day and I realized they cannot figure out if the characters are smokers or not. I could see how it would be a triggering show because of that.

    Keep singing and stay strong!

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