I dream of…. Ukuleles??

I’ve had some weird dreams lately.

Now, usually I can link something in the dream to an event or person from the previous day. How the event or person ends up in some bizarre-o world which strongly resembles a Salvador Dalí painting is beyond me. (I’ve also given up on figuring out the Dalí-style dream aspect. Beats me).

But this time I am stumped.

So here is the dream:

I am in someone’s house (not sure who’s house) and they have piled a bunch of stuff on tables that they are planning to throw away. I scan the room and acknowledge that most of it is junk that deserves the trash bin. But then I start to notice some awesome antiques hidden within the trash. First I spy an old wooden table clock. The wood is carved, the clock winds, and it’s all old and full of history. I love it. Excited by my find, I look around for more. I see an dusty, odd shaped case. It’s kind of like a violin case but weird shaped. I open the case and one side of it is empty — I feel defeated. But then! I look at the other side of the case… and in it… is a UKULELE.

The ukulele makes me insanely happy. My dream-self is SO SO SO excited about this tiny instrument. In my dream, I think to myself that maybe I can learn to play this ridiculously small instrument. I struggled to learn to play the guitar in college, but the ukulele! — this would be different. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier?? At this point, I have pretty much forgotten about the clock full of history. The only important thing is the ukulele (which – by the way – was entirely too small for the case it was in). I hold the ukulele and I smile at it.

Then I wake up.

OK. What on earth does a dream about the ukulele mean? I have never even touched a ukulele in real life. I’ve never even thought about a ukulele — unless I’m watching the muppets and Kermit is playing it, obviously.

Dream dictionary websites have little to say about ukuleles (and can I really blame them? How often do people dream about such an obscure instrument?).

Usually I brush off dreams. But for some reason this one made a huge impression on me. That ukulele was obviously pretty damn important to me in that dream and I want to know WHY.

Please feel free to offer any possible meanings for me to ponder over. Thanks. 🙂


OK maybe I can see why I was so excited about the ukulele after watching this:


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