Sofa to Swimming Pool

Despite the title of this post, I’m going to start off talking about jogging/running.

As I mentioned before, I have never been a runner or even a jogger. I’ve been attempting to walk/jog for the past two weeks. I’m sure I’m pretty pathetic, but since I have no idea what I’m doing all seems good to me! So the logical next step would be to sign up for a 5k.

Wait, what? Did I just say I signed up for a 5k? That is over 3 miles! I can barely jog for a quarter-mile! What am I thinking???

Insanity. I’ve lost my mind.

But it really just comes down to motivation. Having a goal will help me keep trying. And I have three months.

So I’ve been doing a little internet research on training. I’ve found a lot of running sites have training programs titled “Couch to 5k.” When I first read that, I was like “Hey! that’s me!” I’m super excited to find a training program that is completely dead-on designed for someone like me. Bring it, 5k — I’ll be ready.

And then I started thinking that I am basically doing something similar with swimming. Except that I actually know what I am doing with swimming. Because I was a competitive swimmer. And I was even a swim coach. So I need to create a “Sofa to Swimming Pool” training program and then share it with the rest of the former-swimmers-turned-lazy-bums.

So here is the start:

Week One:

Swim 2-3 this week. Do not plan a work out. No sets, intervals or total yardage in mind.

Day One: Simply get in the pool. Feel the water. Notice how your muscles feel (they are probably angry, but that is OK. You have neglected them — they have a right to be angry). Concentrate on form and technique, not speed or distance. Stop when you need to stop. (for me this was after a 50. I literally swam two lengths of the pool and then stopped and said “holy shit.” And I’m pretty sure the guy two lanes down heard me.) And this was freestyle. I tried backstroke next (I love backstroke), that felt awesome. Then I tried breaststroke. Yeah my knees don’t get along with breaststroke, I swam a 25 and then gave up. Doesn’t feel good? Don’t do it. And then (silly me), I attempted butterfly (hey! I used to BE a butterfly-er. I couldn’t NOT try). First thought, how the hell was I EVER good at this blasted stroke?

Hey! hey you! Stop looking at the pace clock!! Your time DOES NOT MATTER — well, not yet anyway.

Swim for at least 30 minutes. But don’t push yourself too much. This is your reintroduction to the water. Enjoy the sensation.

Day Two: Start off the same as day one. Swim without pushing too much. See how you feel. Feeling good? Good. OK now let’s do some 50s on 1:30. Yeah, I said 1:30. This is chill time 50s. We are slowly introducing some structure back into your swimming. But we need TIME. And 1:30 is PLENTY of time.

Oh PS, I gave butterfly a second try on day two. Felt much more normal. I’m OK with being a fly-er again. Maybe I’ve still got it!

Day Three: Time to add in a little more structure. Do a warm-up. Swim until you’re feeling loose and good. Do some kicking. No specific yardage, just whatever feels right. Ok now we’re going to try some descending 50s. 2 on 1:30, 2 on 1:25, 2 on 1:20… etc. See how low you can go (without feeling like dying. That is not the goal. We are not hardcore training). Swim a cool down. Nice work!

If you look back on day three, you can probably figure out how much yardage you did roughly. You might surprise yourself!

Week Two…. Coming soon.


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