It’s All Such a Pain in My KNEE!

Oh, my knees. God bless ’em. They let me know when it’s going to rain or snow. And they definitely let me know when I need to SLOW down.

Now, I know that I am still young…  but my knees seem to think otherwise. I can’t just push myself and push myself like I did when I was a young athlete. I am now older. I am now out of shape. I am no longer an athlete, I am a former-athlete. I need to ease into this. I am not invincible.

But maybe I am. Maybe it’s all mental (like every coach always says). The first few weeks of exercising, I was GOOD. I was sore, but in a healthy way. No pains or injuries. But I was going easy on myself. Maybe that was it.

Or maybe it was when I told a relative that I was starting to jog and the immediate question was, “Oh but how are your knees taking that?” (Oh by the way, I have had three knee surgeries in my life. One on the left, two on the right. Nothing as intense as ACL surgery, but still no fun). When I heard this question I tensed up. I hadn’t even thought about my knees until that very moment. You mean, there are obstacles? Should I worry? Suddenly all the negative things I hadn’t been thinking, popped into my head….

Can you really do this, Kelly? You don’t run. You’ve never run. How can you learn how to run now? You’re in your late 20s, might as well give up! Silly girl. Your knees can’t take this. You don’t want to go through surgery again, PT again, crutches again, pain killers, braces, limping….  ugh. What a pain in the…..

But whatever, my knees have been fine. Until that comment. Two days later, the aching began. I took a few days off. I stretched, I walked, I did yoga. Still aching.

Then I panicked. And I googled my symptoms. Guess what came up? All three knee issues that I have already dealt with. This was surprisingly good news for me, because I know how to deal with it. Yeah it will involve pain killers and ice and stretching and taping. But it’s nothing I can’t handle.

What blows my mind the most though, is how much what you think becomes your reality. What if no one had mentioned my knee issues? Would I have felt these shooting pains right now? Something tells me no. Those negative thoughts brought this to me, like an evil magnet (damn those evil magnets). The more I worried about my knee hurting, the more it hurt. I was thinking about what I didn’t want to happen SO much, that it made it MORE likely to happen!

So I’m turning it around. I’ve decided that my knee is fine. I went out to buy athletic tape today so I could tape up my knee — doesn’t matter that the act of taping my knee might be entirely for mental reasons. Now, I actually studied kinesiology for a few years before I switched majors, so I know how to tape (I’m especially good at ankles, if you ever have a sprain 😉 ).  But when I was in the store, the fancy shmancy KT tape caught my eye. This is not the athletic tape I’m used to… it’s so much better. it’s stretchy and versatile. (And I swear the company is not paying me to say this.) Oh and it comes in pretty colors.

I got pink KT tape because exercise has made me girly.

So yeah. Knee issues? What knee issues do you speak of? I am wearing this pink tape on my leg as a fashion statement. Looks super hot, right?


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