3 Months of no smoking

So I just passed the three month mark of no smoking. Yeah no biggie.

I mean what?! This is AMAZING! I couldn’t even imagine this moment 2.5 months ago. I knew that the 3 month mark was important…Everyone told me so but I didn’t really understand why. But now I do.

After three months I no longer feel like a smoker. There is no “oh I just quit smoking” response anymore – it has changed to the  “oh I don’t smoke” response without even thinking about it. I can barely remember why I ever liked smoking in the first place.

I’m still eating a healthy diet for the most part, but I’m not as strict about it as I was the first month. Hey, a girl needs a cheeseburger and some deep fried dill pickles every once and awhile.

I am still exercising almost everyday. I love being back in the swimming pool and I’m thinking about joining a masters program so that I can compete again. I still suck at running but I am learning and trying. And I actually really enjoy running — being outside and having the space to think.  My 5k is next month and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to run the entire thing, but I will do my best. I like having goals to work for — something to keep me motivated to continue my active lifestyle.

The most significant thing about these last three months has been then fact that I have been through some extremely emotionally trying situations but I haven’t gone back to smoking. Whenever I talk to people who tried quitting but eventually went back to smoking, it is always because of some drama in their lives. I have made an extra effort to remain strong and it paid off.

I still have a lot of friends and co-workers who smoke. And I really try not to be preachy about how I quit because I always hated that when I was a smoker. I never tell them that they should quit or how they should go about it. It’s a personal decision and everyone has a different method that works for them.  If someone comes to me wanting to know how I did it or wanting advice, then I am more than happy to talk about it. And even more important, I am more than willing to be that extra support that smokers need to quit.

On the note of being supportive….  Even now that I have quit, I STILL get know-it-all never-smoked-a-goddamn-cigarette-in-my-life types trying to tell me things about smoking and quitting. I have an announcement to all non-smokers (and I’m talking about the ones that have NEVER smoked): You have NO idea what you are talking about. Period. Done. Game over. Stop talking like you know anything and are being helpful. You are NOT. Everything you are saying sounds ignorant and -quite frankly- rude. Please PLEASE please just keep your mouth SHUT. Thanks.

To any smokers looking to quit and wanting to communicate with someone supportive and understanding and who has gone through what you are going through, drop me a line. You can do it, I promise.


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7 responses to “3 Months of no smoking

  • foreualways

    I hear ya! Some people have no idea of what their talking about and yet they continue on like they do!

    Still at it I hope! I am doing fine and in my second month!

    I’ve had some other problems arise (no surprise) so I am not here much lately! I am not dumping my WordPress acct!

    I am on Twitter all the time! If your there I invite you to join me!

    Hope all well, take care!

  • kellchris

    Just got to the 4 month mark! It’s still a little tough, but I’m going strong!

    I am on twitter… but not very often. I will look out for you though!

  • foreualways

    I’m glad you made the fourth month! I’m at 50 days myself so far. I’ve kind a got addicted to cough drops and coffee. Ok I loved my. Coffee way before, it just taste different. But getting use to it!

  • foreualways

    Hey how you doing? Just checking in haven’t heard from you in a while!
    I’m still going strong. Working on dropping the weight I gained after I quit!

  • kellchris

    I had a relapse last week. I bought a pack. 😦 But I’m jumping back on quitting again now.

    Good to hear that you are going strong! Exercise and eating healthy will do the trick for the weight gain. I tried very hard not to replace cigarettes with junk food, so i changed my whole diet right away.

  • foreualways

    Sorry to hear that! I can’t say that it doesn’t enter my thoughts now and then! And I am around / live with smokers. No support, just a strong desire to quit!
    I weighed 213 lbs before quitting and got myself down to 200 by the time I actually stopped. Went back up in weight, but now I am gaining (no punt intended) in my weight loss.
    I am half way to the 3 month mark. I’ve gotten addicted to cough drops and my coffee intake as increased.
    I walk a lot! Eat salads and been told I speak my mind more now!

    Well stay in touch I am always free to talk!

  • Jesse angel

    Wow that’s awesome to hear that you no longer have cravings. I as well reached three months this past Saturday. I still from time to time get sudden strong urges. I manage to over come them but damn it’s hard. I hope I can stay smoke free till the new year.

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